Join us for Puppy Training Club

Exciting news….

Our Puppy Training Club is back!

We are restarting our Puppy Club, a 6 week puppy training course held every Tuesday evening at the Poundbury Clinic at 7.30pm run by Watercombe dog trainers.

What the course covers:

Puppy Training! They will look at foundations for confidence, recall, loose lead, walking focus and impulse control, all done in a fun and enjoyable way for you and your pup. They will talk through common puppy problems and how to overcome them.

How to book:

This is a 6-week course and costs £70.00.

This is currently restricted to 4 pups per class.

Your puppy will be able to attend a week after their 2nd vaccination.

To book your place, click the button below to visit where you can book the course:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 01305 267083

Coronavirus: COVID-19 Latest Updates and Guidance

Like our colleagues in the NHS we will be continuing to follow social distancing and wear face coverings for the foreseeable future.

We would ask that only one person per pet attends the clinic.

When you arrive, please leave your pet in the car and come in wearing your facemask to let us know you have arrived. You will be given a buzzer and asked to wait outside.

All medication collections are by appointment only to enable us to socially distance and effectively track and trace.

Please phone or use Petsapp for all routine enquiries.

Working together we can keep you and your pet safe and well.

COVID-19 Announcement

Here at Castle Vets, we are taking the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) virus very seriously and we have continued to provide service throughout the lockdown. Please be assured we will find a way of looking after your pet no matter what changes we face!

We realise that this is a worrying time for all our clients, and we ask that you help us reduce the risk to our visitors and the practice so that we can continue to care for your pets.

If you or anyone in your immediate family/household are unwell or showing symptoms that could be attributable to coronavirus (fever, cough, sore throat, loss of smell or taste) we respectfully ask you not to visit the practice at this time. If your pet requires urgent assistance please call to discuss this with us.

To order medicines, make appointments and for general enquiries we please ask that you in the first instance try our app (free to download here). If you are unable to use this then please use to get in touch. Please leave the phone line free for emergencies. You can use the app to talk to our team about general enquiries, for making medication requests and for booking appointments. We also have the ability to provide video consultations when needed.

Medicine collections are done in a socially distanced manner by placing on a table outside. To aid with this all collections are by appointment only and we usually ask you what car you will be driving, to help identify yourself when you arrive. We have collection slots available for Dorchester (Poundbury) and Weymouth branches.

For consultations and operations, we are currently working from just our Poundbury branch. When you arrive for your appointment please can you alert reception through the window then wait outside or in your car until the vet comes to discuss your pet. At this time only pets are allowed in the building, owners must wait outside.

Payment is made over the phone by card or via our app. 

It’s possible we may be able to help your pet without you bringing them in for an appointment. If you are unsure whether an appointment is necessary please do contact us via our app (preferably) or by email.

Live chat and vet video consultations

We are proud to announce that thanks to our various wonderful technology partners we have rolled out our text-based chat app.

You can use the app to talk to our team about general enquiries, for making medication requests and for booking appointments. We also have the ability to provide video consultations when needed.

We think this will be an essential addition to our ongoing service through these difficult times and in the future.

The Weymouth practice will be closed until further notice

Sadly due to dwindling staff levels, we have taken the tough decision to close the Weymouth branch for the foreseeable future.
The Weymouth phones will be answered remotely during what would be it’s normal opening hours.

Medicines can be ordered and collected from Poundbury and we will also be offering home delivery of medicines from next week.

In the meantime our Dorchester branch will be open for appointments, operations and medicine collection from 8 am until 7.30 pm every day next week.

Phones and PetsApp will be answered in Dorchester 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Outside these hours clients can book appointments online and we will run our usual emergency service.