Pet Orthopaedics

Pet Orthopaedic services in Dorchester & Weymouth

Dogs will be dogs; cats cats. Unfortunately, running and jumping, or slinking across the road in the dusk, can lead to broken bones and injured joints.

Here at Castle Vets, we can deal with most of those injuries, from pain relief and x-rays, through repair, to post-operative care and rehabilitation. Fractured bones can be pinned or plated. Joints can be stabilised. Dislocated kneecaps can be re-seated.

Being free to run, bounce, swim, climb and pounce is an important part of their lives. Whether they have been reckless or just unlucky, we will keep putting them back together and getting them back out there.

castle-vets-pet-orthopaedic-services-xray-pelvis-before castle-vets-pet-orthopaedic-services-xray-pelvis-after
castle-vets-pet-orthopaedic-services-xray-pin-before castle-vets-pet-orthopaedic-services-xray-pin-after2
castle-vets-pet-orthopaedic-services-xray-tibia-before3 castle-vets-pet-orthopaedic-services-xray-tibia-after3

Need to see a vet?

If you suspect your pet has sustained an injury on a bone or joint please book an appointment as soon as possible by using our online booking system or calling your local practice.

Dorchester: 01305 267083
Weymouth: 01305 813303