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In case of emergency, in- or out-of-hours, phone 01305 267083


For urgent but not quite emergency cases, we have an open surgery between 8 and 9am in Dorchester on weekdays, and a surgery by appointment Sunday mornings 10 until 12. You can also book an appointment via the link here


  • bleeding which has not stopped after 4 minutes of constant pressure
  • a suddenly-swollen abdomen
  • extended labour (> 2 hours of unproductive straining)
  • male cats unable to pass ANY urine
  • non-productive attempts to vomit
  • seizure
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • difficulty breathing, blue gums or tongue
  • eye injury
  • ingestion of chocolate, slug bait, rat poison, human medicines, especially paracetamol for cats, ibuprofen for dogs.


  • cat bites and most dog bites
  • vomiting and diarrhoea for less than 24 hours
  • small wounds with little bleeding
  • cancelling/changing appointments
  • long-term problems
  • difficulty rising due to arthritis that has been present for some time


How the on-call system works

Part of our commitment as veterinary surgeons is to provide care for our patients at all times. At Castle Vets we provide our own out-of-hours cover, which we believe is the best solution for our patients. That means you and your pet will see a friendly and familar face. To help us provide the best care day and night, please do not call out-of-hours to discuss on-going cases (unless the situation has changed dramatically), or to make or cancel appointments. 

If you do call, do tell us your phone number, and stay off the phone for a few minutes so that we can call you back. The vet will be alerted by text, by page and, if the message has not been collected already, at 15 minute intervals by phone. This is the longest you should have to wait for a call back: in most cases, it will be much less than 15 minutes. Please do not leave messages every few minutes - or we will be checking messages when we should be speaking to you.

Our Surgeries

Castle Vets In Dorchester
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Call 01305 267083

Castle Vets In Dorchester
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Call 01305 813303

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